Monday, 1 April 2013

Complete HTML Online Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Complete HTML Online Video Training in Urdu & Hindi

HTML is the basic web language in which the basic structure of a website is made. I have been posting video & text tutorials in Urdu and Hindi about HTML on this blog,. but today I am publishing a complete video course of HTML. You people will learn all the necessary Tags & Elements of HTML. From basic tags to Advance tags are taught in this course. It is a playlist once you play a video the other one will start automatically when the previous one is finished.

Video Tutorials for learning HTML:-

Here is the Two Different Complete course of HTML in Urdu & Hindi. This is a playlist of videos straight from my YouTube channel, so you can watch all the videos by playing only the first one. This course is with full sorting, so you can watch the videos in order.

Complete HTML (43 Videos)

Advance HTML (45 Videos)

Note: All videos are hosted on, so if you are in Pakistan then first open YouTube and then watch these videos.

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