Saturday, 13 April 2013

Complete JavaScript Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi Free

Complete JavaScript Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi Free

JavaScript is very awesome scripting language which is used to add interactivity in HTML pages, we can use it with two different common methods, Internally & Externally. Internally we Use JavaScript in HTML with <script> tag. and also we can use it as by external source. If we are using it as external source then we create a separate file for JavaScript codes and its extension is  JavaScript is specifically used to validate data in HTML elements. It can be used anywhere in the HTML document. but if you use it in Head tag then the browser will read it first and will display the coding of JavaScript earlier than HTML elements. JavaScript is supported by all major browsers. As JavaScript is a client side scripting language, but with JQuery it can be connected with a server to execute PHP data or perform similar operations.

How to Learn Basic JavaScript in Urdu Video Tutorial? 

As Tahir Khan Dawar is struggling hard to present courses Online in Urdu & Hindi and with high quality videos, you can see my efforts which are improving day by day. I deeply check the courses I have been publishing on this blog and I try to find the mistakes and errors I made. But Inshallah in the future this blog will be the largest place of computer courses in Urdu an Hindi... So JavaScript basic Video Training can be watched in below videos which is a Playlist and you just need to play it once, other videos will be started automatically.  Stay Connected!

JavaScript Complete Tutorial (19 Videos)

Note: All videos are hosted on, so if you are in Pakistan then first open YouTube and then watch these videos.

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