Saturday, 28 December 2013

How to Block Website without Software in Urdu & Hindi

How to Block  Website without Software in Urdu & Hindi
Increasing the list of tips and tricks I am going to show a millions value of trick for my lovely visitors who asked me how do I block any website. Before always we talk about to unblock for any blocked or country banned website. But this time I will share a trick for block any website or specific websites even without any software or program. In this tutorial I will guide you step by step how to certain websites by just inserting such codes in a windows system file. I think all it will help all parents to block such dirty sites to protect their children from such a bad and adultery things which are inappropriate to the child.

      As mentioned above this filter will help you to block specified websites easily without using any software. Check below the complete guide and secure your pc and children from adultery and porn sites by applying web filter and ban inappropriate websites.Just watch and follow the Video to Block any website without using any software.

Special Line:

            All I have shared because of security from the dirty porn and adultery sites. The parents can easily block the specific website which are unsuitable and inappropriate for their children. Waiting for your feedback for this useful trick hope you will like it. For more follow us on the our social media pages so you will get every update on your wall…Regards

Thursday, 26 December 2013

How to Activate Windows 7 in Urdu & Hindi Tutorial

Windows 7 Activate:

I want to share you some windows 7 activator. You use windows for your PC but the windows are not active so that you face many problem to activation you want to do . No tension i will try my best for solve yours problem by giving you a best windows 7 activator.
         By this activator you can active your windows as like as  original version so that you can frequently use the windows for your PC. At this time windows 7 is much popular to our world. Microsoft create a best windows for us but the original version of windows is so expensive to us but i can help you to solve the problem.So follow the below Video Lecture and if you have any Question then Please just Comment in below Comment box. Share this Website With Your Friends Please.

How to Hide My Computer’s Drives in Urdu & Hindi

How to Hide My Computer’s Drives in Urdu & Hindi

How to Hide My Computer’s Drives in Urdu & Hindi
There are many reasons we all want to hide a drive on our computers at different times. Sometimes, its the little kids who want to play games on your computer and you worry if they can delete your important files. Sometimes, you want to get rid of the legacy Floppy disk drive icon in your Computer folder. You can now hide any drive whether it is a floppy drive, hard disk partition drive or a CD/DVD disk drive using the following method :
        Check below our video tutorial for complete guide in Urdu & Hindi the easiest method to hide/unhide my computer drives. If you think your computer may be used by others this is really better solution that you ought to hide your own personal drives. Inform us your feedback and comments.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Camtasia Studio 8 Complete Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Camtasia Studio 8 Complete Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi
    Today, there is one more complete video course for you in Urdu and Hindi language. This course is about Camtasia Studio which is one of the amazing software for screen recording. This software is used by almost every video producer around the world who want to create tutorials or some kind of training videos.I always try to improve the quality of the tutorials as well as the presentation. And this all is possible by Camtasia Studio. Now when I’ve some experience and command over Camtasia, so I thought to create a series of tutorials to teach you some of the essentials of Camtasia Studio.

Creation process

   In the first stage, Camtasia Studio provides you with a dedicated built-in tool to record images from your screen. The Camtasia Recorder features many different options to customize your recording settings: use the whole screen or a user-defined area, add cursor effects, record audio as well, and grab the image source from your webcam, among others.
        The second stage that involves editing begins when your recording is finished. Camtasia Studio offers a varied range of tools to personalize your video. You can draw attention to a certain area with different callouts (including cool animated sketches), add more information with on-screen text captions or make it more eye-catching with transition effects, to name just a few. Both the Clip Bin and the Library in Camtasia Studio will ease the task of choosing media files to use on your video. The audio editor, on the downside, is a bit more limited, with only a few tools to level volume, reduce noise and optimize voice.
      Finally, the production stage is last. Camtasia Studio makes it really easy, even if you've never used video editors before. Simply choose one of the
included presets in the Production Wizard and follow the steps. Camtasia Studio will help you choose the appropriate codec, resolution, size and other details, and will finally render your video. And of course, you can export directly from Camtasia Studio to YouTube and work with HD video as well.

Camtasia Video Training in Urdu & Hindi:
   Now here is the series of Camtasia video tutorials I recently recorded using the same software, there are total 6 videos in which you’ll completely learn Camtasia studio in Urdu and Hindi language. And I hope you’ll enjoy the course and will give us some great feedback in the comments.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Ulead Video Studio Complete Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Ulead Video Studio Complete Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi
Today, there is one more complete video course for you in Urdu and Hindi language. This course is about Ulead Video Studio 11 which is one of the amazing software for Video Editing. Ulead Video Studio 11 Free download For Windows,Ulead Video Studio 11 can be a total highl ighted video editing application that’s a good deal better for video modifying and also Dvd and blu-ray creation of your own video clips as well as types grabbed coming from VCR’s, DVD’s and also camcorder devices. Frequently I’ve discovered that Tv set seize and also equipment seize gadgets include a software package associated with OEM or free movie editing software program that’s available all over the net. Although this form of free software is wonderful for basic make use of when purchasing any capture system you frequently will be more intent on your own movie enhancing than this particular free software application entails. In the end in case you are having to pay big money for any capture gadget you’ll need a software package to cope with in which taken video clip inside a expert or perhaps partially specialist manner.We have obtained a number of video clip catch and tv sign products in my personal computer that I have examined as well as none experienced any total highlighted video clip editing software that equaled the value of the actual seize device or perhaps greeting card. Corel sent me personally their particular complete featured Video Studio 14 Plus modifying computer software to analyze after I acquired recently reviewed the Plustek ConvertX which also had the particular Ulead Video Studio 8-10 SE software from it.

Ulead Video Studio Complete Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi
Windows Movie maker is also a free version of enhancing software however, this just isn’t exactly feature abundant for such things as capture and foreign trade to many various gadget kinds in addition to a great user friendly interface like Ulead’s Video Studio 11 Plus. Although are both pretty comparable I came across that Ulead’s interface would be a tad simpler to pick up and make use of with out studying most of the assistance guide or perhaps lessons as I often do in order to observe how easy some thing is by using.Ulead VideoStudio 11 Plus is a nice feature and also the hd video features and pushes VideoStudio ahead of the bunch currently having its proxy video clip modifying characteristic. Proxy editing enables you to help make changes towards the normal description copy of a video clip and have the program complete as well as finalize the high classification duplicate in one shot which means you reduce expenses time modifying by working with a lower description copy. As a result sense since you can function faster on the standard classification copy and merely help to make all the new changes you would like rapidly.

Ulead Video Studio is a very eazy to use video editing software. One can use it without taking any professional training. You can use it to edit your videos, making videos from photos. You can also include sounds, voice, music, effects, filters, titles and much more into your video projects. Sometimes, you make videos with your camera or record a program, event etc and you need to edit them and to make them looking more professional. So, for that purpose you use any video editing software. and Ulead video editing studio is a very common software which you can use by yourself. So today, I am going to share video tutorials in Urdu language to learn this software freely. I hope you will enjoy it and will give me some good feedback.
It is a complete video editing course of Ulead in Urdu language. You can learn it from starting to end. 10 video tutorials have been made for learning this course. You can also download this course to your computer.