Saturday, 28 December 2013

How to Block Website without Software in Urdu & Hindi

How to Block  Website without Software in Urdu & Hindi
Increasing the list of tips and tricks I am going to show a millions value of trick for my lovely visitors who asked me how do I block any website. Before always we talk about to unblock for any blocked or country banned website. But this time I will share a trick for block any website or specific websites even without any software or program. In this tutorial I will guide you step by step how to certain websites by just inserting such codes in a windows system file. I think all it will help all parents to block such dirty sites to protect their children from such a bad and adultery things which are inappropriate to the child.

      As mentioned above this filter will help you to block specified websites easily without using any software. Check below the complete guide and secure your pc and children from adultery and porn sites by applying web filter and ban inappropriate websites.Just watch and follow the Video to Block any website without using any software.

Special Line:

            All I have shared because of security from the dirty porn and adultery sites. The parents can easily block the specific website which are unsuitable and inappropriate for their children. Waiting for your feedback for this useful trick hope you will like it. For more follow us on the our social media pages so you will get every update on your wall…Regards

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