Thursday, 26 June 2014

How to Make an Invisible File

Create a new folder in your specified directory.

Customize the folder if you want to. Don't rename it just yet. Right Click the New Folder, go to Properties, then to Customize, and then click Change Icon.Here is the trick, go to the middle and you should see some blank spaces. Those are transparent icons, select one of those then press OK -> Apply -> OK.

Name your folder. Press rename and instead of the file press ALT+0160 (Remember to keep the ALT button pressed down while typing the numbers). ALT+0160 makes a space that is not the same as a normal space.

You should have finished your new invisible file, Congratulations.


For it to work on your laptop you need to keep Holding down the Alt key you will also need to hold the FN key and type the numbers "0160." These are over the letters m, j, o, m. Let go of all of the keys and hit enter. Holding the Alt and typing those numbers will name the folder as a space, pretty much giving it no name.


Note: Make sure the Num Lock on the laptop is selected.


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