Sunday, 2 November 2014

Complete Jquery Video Tutorials in Urdu and Hindi

jQuery is a JavaScript Library That Allows Web Developers To Add Extra Functionality To Their Websites. It is Open Source And Provided For Free Under The MIT License. In Recent  jQuery Has Become The Most Popular JavaScript Library Used in Web Development.

To Implement jQuery a Web Developer Simple Needs To Refrence The Jquery JavaScrip File With in The HTML of a Webpage. Some Websites Host Their Own Local Copy of jQuery, While Others Simply Reference The Librarry Hosted By GooGle or The jQuery Server.

Here is The Complete Video Course of jQuery in Urdu & Hindi. This is a Playlist of Videos Straight From My Youtube Channel, So You Can Watch All the Videos By Playing only The First one, So If You are in Pakistan Then First Open YouTube and Then Watch These Videos, However, I'm Traying to Upload the Videos To Any other Site So You will Able to Watch All of Them here:-

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