Saturday, 1 November 2014

Windows 10 Operating System | Demo | Trailer | Install

 Windows 10 is an Upcoming Version of The Microsoft Windows Operating System. Unveiled on Setember 30, 2014, It is Scheduled to Be Released in Late 2015.
    First Hinted at in April 2014 at The Build Conference, Windows 10 aims To Address Shoetcomings in The User Interface First Introduced By Windows 8 by Adding Additional mechanics Designed to Improved The User Experience For Non-Touchscreen Devices {Such as Desktop Computers and Laptops}, Including a Revival of The Start Menu Seen in Windows 7, a Virtual Desktop System, and The Ability to Run Windows Store Apps Within Windows on The Desktop Rather That a Full-Screen Mode!!!

How To Install Windows 10 tech Preview

Windows 10 Operating System | Demo | Trailer |

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