I have been in the field of Web Development and developed several projects/blogs over the years. Out of the box, there are tons of tools available in the market but I decided to share what I use and what works best for me. So, I created this page to let you know about the things that are useful as well easy to go
Godaddy - Blogging CEOGodaddy: I have used Godaddy for more than a year. Once I got an issue about a domain name and called their staff, the response I got was really awesome. Not only my problem got resolved in just 20 minutes but the man (support person) completely co-operated with me. So, I prefer to use Godaddy as it is the best Domain seller in the world and hosts millions domains.
Namecheap - Blogging CEONamecheap: Another Domain seller I use and recommend to use is Namecheap. It is my favorite one, I have hosted some of my domain and never got any issue.
So, for me both of the work best.
Bluehost - Blogging CEOBluehost: The one and only superb and WordPress Officially recommended Web Hosting Company in the world having more than 2 million websites in the world. Bluehost is my favorite and most of my sites are hosted with them. They always solve my problem on “Online Chat”. They support multiple domains to be used for the same account you purchase with them. 1-click automatic installation, Reliable, Powerful and Excellent Customer service. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to go with Bluehost if you are starting out first time.
Hostgator - Blogging CEOHostgator: Another is also my favorite hosting provider I use and host my blogs and websites. They provide 24//7/365 Support and 45 days Money Back Guarantee. A powerful company with 99.9% uptime. Host any site you want and you will feel comfortable as I do :)
Hostgator 25% Discount Coupon Code: Use “Bloggingceo25” as coupon to get 25% discount.
Themeforest - Blogging CEOThemeforestOne of the biggest platform for superb, fantastic and clean design look of wordpress themes you will love to use on your blog or website. I always use Themeforest for my all blogs and clients websites. Tons of Fully customizable and optmized themes are available on Evanto Marketplace (Themeforest). Some of which I prefer to use are:
Avada – Envision – Jarida – Sahifa – Saladmag
WordPress Plugins: I always love to use the most important and necessary plugins that work best as well as are easy to customize and do not overload my website. Here are some of the plugins I use.
WordPress SEO –> For my Blog SEO Purpose
Bulletproof –> For blog security
Mailchimp for WP –> To collect Email Subscription
Lockdown WP –> To Hide WordPress Admin URL
Pretty Link Lite –> To make clean and beautiful affiliate links
Jetpack –> WordPress most powerful Plugin
Wp Smush.it –> For Image Optimization
For seo, I have some paid tools as well as free tools. However as a Newbie, I strongly recommend to useLongtail Pro as it helps a lot to find most profitable keywords that we can target for our blog. However here are some necessary tools that I sue for my seo purpose which you can use too to get maximum results.
Longtail Pro - Blogging CEOLongtail Pro: As I told, the one and only tool I prefer newbies as well as experts to go with and find good keywords. Most important functions of LTP is, it tells the Keyword Competition, Competitors Information for particular keywords, helps to find long tail keywords, also finds available Domain TLDs. Hence it is the superb tool which I always trust and use. Link
ahrefs - Blogging CEOAhrefs: The most important tool which helps to find and track your links. It completely shows anchor text distribution charts which can be useful to track percentage of any anchor text used for creating links.
Google Analytics - Blogging CEOGoogle Analytics: One of the best, most recommended, and helpful tool to track each and every visitor to your site. Google Analytics is free and wonderful tool that I always use in all of my blogs and websites. It shows, Real Time Visitors data, geographical, country wise, city wise, organic traffic results, and much more.
Statcounter - Blogging CEOStatcounter: Another free tool which I use. I love this tool as it is very easy to use. The best thing I love about it, by simple click navigation I get an overview of my daily, monthly and yearly stats of my sites.
Mailchimp - Blogging CEOMailChimp: An easy to use, wonderful Email Marketing system that allows you to collect 2000 subscription for free. I always recommend newbies to start with MailChimp. They are easy and superb.
Bulletproof Security Plugin: My most favorite that I have been using for more than 3 years. I feel comfort with it, it shows the recommended setting through which you can protect your blog easily.
Lockdown WP: Another plugin I use for security purpose of my blog is by hiding its wordpress admin url page that is by-default “/wp-admin” (after your domain name). So, this plugins helps to lock it and creates a URL of your choice.
All the above are the best blogging tools I suggest everyone to try and use. Don’t forget to share if you like this page for your friends.
Disclaimer: It’s all about the tools I use and what has worked for me. I don’t guarantee them to work for you as well, however if you utilize them in the right way, you are going to enjoy them. Most of the them have a affiliate link and I will make some commissions when you make any purchases using these links. But it doesn’t mean to share them for making some money at all but to let you know what exactly has worked for me. So, do a proper research before you purchase anything.