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Corel Draw 11 Complete Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Corel Draw 11 Complete Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Corel DRAW 11 could be a vectors graphics and editor and developer & markete Corel DRAW Software by Corel Draw Corporations of the Ottawa and Canada. it’s conjointly the name of software Corel’s high Graphic Suites. It is a latest Corel DRAW 11 version of (version 15) named X5, was free in February 2010.
      Corel DRAW 11 Software Graphic Suites combine in 3 and heavyweight of graphics Corel tools of Corel DRAW 11, Photo and Paint, & R.A.V.E. two which might be used singly or along. currently in version, the Corel DRAW 11 Suite a shows of Corel still a has lots of concepts on a way to improves of the effectiveness & ease use of those major Corel draw 11 applications.
     For example, in Corel DRAW there square measure currently new “3-points” tool for the drawing and rectangles, ellipse, & curves. With a each, you click here to mend the primary purpose, stretch bent outline associate degree axis or bases line, & click on once more to the completely the items. The new corel Poly line tools permits you to form line & objects phase by phase, wherever every phase will be straight or incurvate. The corel Pen tools offers is a fast thanks to produce Bezier curves. Corel DRAW introduces and Symbol to the its a repertoires, too, therefore you’ll save and employ drawing parts during a clips board Corel draw 11 style library. mistreatment symbols saves sizable file area, which might be significantly necessary once drawing net graphics.
        Corel Draw 11 Photo-Paint to picture piece of writing what Corel DRAW Software is to the vectors drave. In some ways a contender to the Adobe Photoshop 7.0, the re-creation of the Photo-Paint and includes additional enhancements for net artists. you\’ll currently slice pictures into variety of tiny components to help fast downloads and make rollover for the button & images map, in order that they seem otherwise once point to the clicked. of The programing conjointly supports for the JPEG 2000 files, therefore you\’ll save your pictures during this is a new highs and compression formats.

Corel Draw 11 Video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi:
   Now here is the Two Different video tutorials series in Urdu and Hindi which you can watch to learn the basics of Corel Draw 11 as well as some projects in Corel draw. The videos are in a single playlist straight from YouTube, so you can just play one video and the another one will play when the first one is finished. Keep in touch with us for upcoming tutorials and complete courses.

Corel Draw 11 Complete Tutorial (13 Videos)

Corel Draw 11 Complete Tutorial (42 Videos)

Note: All videos are hosted on, so if you are in Pakistan then first open YouTube and then watch these videos.

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