Friday, 4 December 2015

15 Best Ways To Find Out How Much Traffic a Website Gets

Traffic is main Part In Blogging.Every Blogger want to Get Million of Traffic.All Blogger Have Dream of Million Traffic in a days.Some Site Show Different Result and Page views.

Website Get Million of Traffic.People Earn a Lot of Money From Blog and websites.if we want to know about other website How Much Traffic a Website Gets.You want to know you Competition Website Traffic.

Find Out How Much Traffic a Website Gets

1 – Alexa

Alexa Mostly popular website.Alexa Internet, Inc. is a California-based company that provides commercial web traffic data and analytic.Alexa traffic rank to figure our the traffic to a website. You can directly check with or Install a Firefox or Chrome extension.Enter the website’s domain and Alexa will reveal the ranking of that website based on a combined measure of unique visitors and page tracks website visitor traffic rankings for many websites on the Internet.How Much Traffic a Website Gets

2 – Compete

Compete is also like Alexa and gives information about Unique Visitors, Compare Sites, Paid vs Organic Keywords, Visitor Demographics. Know about Traffic and other data sources to measure the traffic.How Much Traffic a Website Gets

3 – Similar Web another website like Alexa and Compete information.shows global and country rank.You get to know the site’s traffic over time, the countries that are sending the most traffic,also provide search keywords are bringing the organic and other things.How Much Traffic a Website Gets

4 – SEMRush is very famous tools in SEO.Semrush information around search (organic) traffic for any website. Put in the website URL and you’ll instantly know how the site has fared in organic search over time.also provide Country and Source of Traffic.How Much Traffic a Website Gets

5 – Traffic Estimate

TrafficEstimate It provides information in many areas, such as page-views, unique visits, keyword stats.Traffic Estimate is Also Provide Detail of Traffic.How Much Traffic a Website Gets

6 – Quant Cast Like Compete, you can use QuantCast to determine how many people have visited website during a give period from desktop or mobile phone. Show Result about including visitor demographics, traffic by country, and the split in mobile and desktop traffic.

7 – Website Informer

Website Informer is Also a tool of Traffic Measure Website.We Can track our visitor.  traffic by country, and the split in mobile and desktop traffic.How Much Traffic a Website Gets

8 – Google Ad Planner

Google Ad Planner is very Helpful and Free Tool of Google.We Find keyword and Also Find check Website is very simple and easy.

9 – Piwik Analytics

Piwik Analytics Piwik is a free,analytics platform for monitoring traffic to your own website.

10 – Website Traffic Metrics Tool

Website traffic metrics tool free resource gives you a bunch of data in one place,find out some basic Alexa rankings, keyword phrases the website is targeting,other websites targeting similar keyword phrases and websites with close relationships.

11 – URL Trends

URL Trends we can also see stat of Traffic with URL Trends.web site traffic tracking that they provide is can download your report in a PDF format.

12 – Netcraft

Netcraft A little known corner of Netcraft is also dedicated to keeping track of popular domains.Netcraft only tracks the top 100 sites in each country. Unless your competitor happens to be Google, the BBC or eBay.

13 – Stats Crop

Statscrop If you’re interested in monitoring traffic to your own website.

14 – Woo pra

Woopra If your blog or website is powered by the WordPress platform.Woopra is a paid service offering customizable analytics for the purposes of discovering how much traffic goes to your own website and understanding your website’s customer base

15 – Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google Products.we can see Traffic and Traffic source of website it is very popular product of Google.


wolframalpha is Same Software like other.we can also See Website Traffic.
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