Friday, 25 December 2015

How To Use 3 Whatsapp In One Android Phone [Latest Trick]

How To Use 3 Whatsapp In One Android Phone [Latest Trick]

Hi guys welcome you all on Qtricks today we found a new trick If you already know it then it's good other wise you are is on good place to get this new trick- How to use 3 whatsapp in one Android Phone it is reall very easy to use 3 whatsapp in 1 android phone and basically you no needs to do something coding or programming for it you only needs to follow our some 5-6 steps to get this new trick to your mind. So as i think that many of you are using whatsapp not i can say all of you are using whatsapp but many times you have 2-3 mobile no. in which you wants to run your whatsapp and sometimes you needs to operate many whatsapp no. then what you do just clean data and launch whatsapp again with another no. it to tired so today we give you this trick by which you can use upto 3 whatsapp in one single android phone. It is really to easy to grab out this trick just follow the given below steps now.
How to use 3 whatsapp
How To Use 3 Whatsapp New Trick

How To Use 3 Whatsapp In One Android Phone :

1. Firstly Uninstall Official Whatsapp. [Make it's apk Backup]
2. Now Download- OM Whatsapp or OG WHATSAPP and GB Whatsapp
3. Then After Install Both in your Phone & Then Install Original Official Whatsapp.
4. Now you have 3 Whatsapp to use Just enter you no. and use these whatsapp according to your need.

How This OM Whatsapp Work :

Om Whatsapp is same as like official whatsapp but if you wants to use 2-3 account it is not possible in official whatsapp to use 2-3 account at a same time so we developed some other whatsapp version like OMWHATSAPP and GBWHATSAPP  Which really give you a great opportunity to use other whatsapp account in a particular time.

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