Thursday, 24 December 2015

Top 3 Trick For Rooted Android Users You Should Know (Best One)

Top 3 Trick For Rooted Android Users You Should Know (Best One)

Today we are talking about The Top 3 Tricks For Android Rooted Users Which you should know. In these 3 Trick we give all best one which is really working for you and I Hope you were enjoy it. The tricks which we are going to give you is only for rooted users so if your Android phone is not rooted then please do it now because rooted phone is overall better then unrooted you can compare it in our last post Of Root android phone and it's advantages. If no! Then Read Now- How To Root Android Phone And It's Advantages and Disadvantages.

So Let's Start The Count Down Now So First is No. 3 Trick and Then No. 2 and Then No. 1 so i hope you all were ready to see them so let's go.

No. 3 Best Trick For Rooted Android Users Only :

The No. 3 Trick for android rooted user is to make your phone status and notification bar transparent so let's follow steps now.

1. Firstly Download Xposed Installer and Then Install and Open It.
2. Now Just Click on FIrst Option Framework and Install Update and Then your phone will reboot.
3. Then Download Gravity Box For Jelly Bean or Gravity Box For Kitkat after Download install it.
4. Again go to Xposed Installer and Then Go To Modules and Then Tick mark on Gravity Box and Reboot your phone.
5. After Reboot the phone open gravity box app now Go to Notification bar and Increase transparency to 100% and then in status bar also. 
6. See your notification bar and status bar they will transparent successfully.

-There are many option of mods in gravity box which works differently and can be change you phone full to an awesome phone so try to using all features of gravity box.

No. 2 Best Trick For Rooted Android Users Only :

The No. 2 Trick for rooted android users is Remove Ads from all apps and android games which you see many times during play or use it. This trick is really working awesome and after using it you can be easily avoiding the ads without any problem.

2. Now open it and Then Go to apps and Then click on that app or Game of which Ads You wants to remove.
3. Now many Option appears Now Click on Remove ads option.
4. Yeah!! it's Done Now open that app or game and you will never get this problem again future of showing ads. Just enjoy it fully.

No.1 Best Trick For Rooted Android Users Only ;

1. Download Lucky Patcher and Install and Then open It.
2. Now Go To any Android App or Game in your Android Phone and Then Buy any thing in it.
3. Click on Save Purchase and Then Purchase is Done!! Successfully enjoy and can be easily make purchase many times.

- Hope this trick is really working well in all apps and games and hopefully it will brings you a new experience

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