Thursday, 3 July 2014

How To Publish Empty Status And Comments on Facebook

Asalam o Alaikum Everyone!!! Today We Will Discuss on publishing Empty Status/Comments on Facebook. You Must have seen Your's Friends Who knows this Trick Publishing empty Status & Comments on Facebook, But when ask them How they do it??? They Won't Answer You.

Now its Time to show Your Friends that even you know the Trick to Publish empty Comments & Statuses.

How to Publish Empty Status on Facebook???

Step 01 => Login to your Facebook Account.

Step 02 => Copy this Code @[0:0:] & paste it in Status Box and Click on Post.


Click on Status Box, Press and Hold "Alt" & Press 0173 leave Alt key and Click on Post see the magic.

How to Publish Empty Comment on Facebook????

Step 01 => Login to your Facebook Account.

Step 02 => Goto any post where you want to Publish you Empty Status.

Step 03 => Click on Add a Comment, Now Press and Hold "Alt" key and Press "0173" and press enter.

That's it, It's as Simple as that..

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