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Top Hot Selling Best Fiverr Gigs Ideas for Quick MoneyYou must have best Fiverr Gigs Ideaswhen you are willing to Make Quick Money with Fiverr.
A super hot selling gig which you can do with in no time will be most amazing for you if you are really interested in some quick results.
Well! I am not going to waste much of your time. Since I have tested and earned $1,000+ by working on same which I am just going to show you below, I believe if you follow the exact you will also get the same result as I got from the one I implemented. This is first month earning when I created a new profile and tested one gig.
fiverr gigs ideasThe same gig has earned me more by the next month and still making for me. Alright! But what exactly I am going to show you here, is the list of easy ideas you can implement today and start earning right now.
Note: You must have enough information before you really jump into it. Such as creating profiles and ranking your gigs. If you are not sure how to do that, read this article completely.
You must be thinking if you belong to other field and what I show you is actually not related to your field? Such as if you are graphic designer, the SEO services will not work for you definitely. But don’t worry. I have a series of some amazing stuff for you today which will even if you are not familiar with, you can do or if you are particularly belonging to that field, you will be amazed how easy it is to make money in your area ๐Ÿ˜‰
Also you can find some information regarding best gigs here as well which has been discussed on official forum.
So, step by step and category wise I will discuss. Let’s start.
If you are video animator, like 2d or 3d and fond of using After effects then there is huge potential for you. But wait, I am not a video animator nor even I know how to use Adobe After effects but even though I am making money with Videos creation services at Fiverr.
I am not saying it is necessary to be a perfect animator or you must have knowledge of After effects but still you can make money with whiteboard animations using Videoscribe Sparkol (grab it for  $16.50/m only) 16.50 USD isn’t a big deal when I am going to show how much I have earned. Let’s check the potential of Whiteboard Animation.
whiteboard animation ideaWell considering the above image, the seller has completed 1289 orders and 36 orders are in pending.Fiverr pays $4 for one completed order. If we just go with calculations for what he has earned, 1289 x 4 = $5,156 and 36 x 4 = $144 are upcoming and pending earning and this is all about today. But what exactly I want to show and what I have experience or you can say my case study, I got the result like below.
whiteboard animation gig case studyDid you see? It’s just about 1 order. I usually get more than $5 from a single order. It is because, I charge $5 for 30 seconds animation which are super easy to make like 1. 2. 3 and $10 for voice over synchronization and $15 for voice over recording. So, you see how much potential there is for video animator and how easy it is to make. If you are not sure how to make and you are not familiar with it, I am planning to start a course for this which you can take for only $30 (one time payment).
The great thing about whiteboard is it has huge potential, super easy to make, marketers want videos like this and much more. Just go to and type “Whiteboard Animation” in search bar and hit button. You will be amazed to see results.
Ideas for Extras:
Sell HD Videos (1080p) for about $20
Offer extra seconds for more $5 to $10
Offer use of client’s images or watermark on videos for $5
Get ideas from other sellers
Another quick and easy to make service is “Speed Drawing” for anything like logo, or anything that buyer wants. See the potential below.
speed drawing fiverr gigs.Now you can do a part of calculation ๐Ÿ˜€ Just now research and create your own and start making thousands. Don’t forget to let me know via comments how much you earned ๐Ÿ˜‰
Ideas for Extras:
Sell HD Videos (1080p) for about $20
Add URL for $5
Check other seller
Wow! I really mean wow for you if you are a designer. Let’s just not waste much time :) Just keep calm in your seat because what I am going to show you now, will definitely be something really exciting for you. Since there are lots of things we can do in graphics, in the same there is huge not just huge there is big potential in Fiverr at the moment and people are making $2,000+ a month just from a single gig related to graphics and if you just completely do a setup of your small business and hire some personals, I am sure you are ready to start your own business today ๐Ÿ˜‰
It is wonderful and super hot selling item at the moment. Just check some below. If you are a creative person having some experience about Photoshop and Illustrator or any graphical software, you are ready to work and earn thousands or more.
logo designing gig15965 orders an if we go through calculations, 15965 x 4 = $63,860 and still 782 in pending which means,$3,128
Alright let’s have a look to another one.
logo designing gig hot sellingAnd one other.
logo designing ideaNow here is one of my case studies as how much I was making in just one day.
logo designing gig case studyIn my case, I just tested this gig for three days and earned $156 from this single gig. The above image I took was about the first day I started working on it and one of my friend makes $2,000+ just from this single piece of work.
Now let’s talk about extras you can cover with this.
Extras to sell:
You can provide PSD or AI Files for $10 – $15
You can make a favicon for client’s blog or website for $5 to $10 (I have tested and it made $24 in 3 days for me).
You can also charge extra for High resolution of logo for $10 to $15.
Just have a look to other seller what they are offering and pick ideas.
Another hot one is “Business Card Designing”. Lots of business men, individuals, companies need it and each buyer can give you more than $5 easily for a single piece of card. Make sure you design an eye catching stuff for your clients. Want to know how much you can make through it? Have a look below.
business card designingAnd you can do the rest calculation ๐Ÿ˜‰ Look at another one.
business card designing gigWell in my case I was getting orders like below.
business card gig case studyHowever, it is not necessary you get orders like above all the time. But somehow about 5 of 10 orders are like above ๐Ÿ˜‰ But when you check the number of orders, you can also make some good amount via this.
Extras to Sell:
Offer two sided design for additional $5.
Offer PSD or AI source file for $15 to $20.
Check what other sellers are doing.
Another amazing and hot is Flyer Designing. Tons of business needs Flyers and Posters and ready to pay you extras and a good amount of money when they are hiring to create a wonderful and a long design. Usually one order can give you for about $5 to $25 easily. Just have a look below.
flyer design gigAlso another one.
flyer designingWell I didn’t try this gig myself but one of my friends is doing and he is earning well from it. Also you can examine by the number of order queued and completed.
Offer PSD or AI File for $15 to $25.
Offer Print ready file for $10 to $20.
Check what other are doing.
Infographics are in trending a lot these days. No matter a business or a website, everybody needs infographics and even my upcoming posts will also contain this. This is one of the best way to transform information and engage users that is why it is demanded a lot. Even at this moment, a person can make tons of money but this and if a blogger or company likes your work,  you will be provided orders on regular basis.
infographics gigCheck another.
infographics gig ideaAlso this one.
infographic gig ideasSo you see, this can also be great idea for you to make much money.
Offer a bundle of infographics.
Provide PSD or AI Files for about $10 to $20.
Check Others.
Creating a vector is very easy. You can also purchase available Softwares online or you can do it on Adobe Illustrator as well. Buyers are ready to pay for about $5 to $10 if you provide quality work and demand of this service can be visualized by having a look below.
vector gig ideaAnother one:
vector gigSo this can also be a great addition in your work list and you can make as much money as you can.
Extras to Offer: 
Offer PSD or AI File or whatever you make.
Offer Favicon or Logo designing.
Check what others are doing.
There are more services you can do in Graphics section. Just need to put a time on research. But for me, above ideas work really well.
Huge potential is hidden on Fiverr at the moment as SEO services are hot and most demanded by each and every webmaster, company or any individual who wants presence online. You can offer any service related to search marketing. Few of what I know which are really superb are mentioned below.
If you have basic information about keywords research, you are good to go and can earn as maximum as you can. Lots of small business and startups are looking for keywords research and when you provide a quality report, you can earn even earn $500 or $1,000+ a month just from this service. Have a look below.
keyword research gigAnd another one.
keyword research gig ideaWell in my case, I tested above gig and the result I got was amazing. The buyers are giving tips for about $10 to $15 easily and extras are also working on this.
keyword research gig case studyExtras:
Offer Premium domain names ideas.
Offer URL submission in search engines.
Offer content writing service.
Check others.
Content writing is the special and highly demanding hot service you can offer and make as much as you can. Content can be written easily if you have sound experience and good English. You can offer 300, 400 or 500 words of article and charge $5 to whatever you want. Have a look below.
content writing gigAlso check
content writing gig ideaAnd another.
content writing ideaAs you know, content is king as everyone says these days and after Google updates, each and everybody is focusing to have quality and good content. Also if someone asks for additional words, you can charge as much as you can.
Extras Options:
Offer E-Book writing and charge for about $50.
Offer more words. Each 300 words for additional $5.
Check others for more good ideas.
Even there are more services such as back linking, social bookmarking and complete seo service. However if you are a well expert, you can offer as many as you can. Just have a research over there. But for beginners, above are the best and excellent to start with.
My well experienced and I started working as WordPress designer and developer which earned me a lot such as tweaking, installation, customization and much more. There are many services you can do related to WordPress. My career was started due to it.
Errors are possible and most of webmasters or bloggers online are not technical and hence they a programmer or developer to fix their issues. If you are the one, just check out the potential below.
wordpress fixing ideaAnd also.
wordpress fixing gigWell in my case when I was working on the same pattern, I used to get orders like below.
fixing gigs case sutdyThe buyers used to tell me about their problem and I used to ask the budget and give quotation about price and each buyer happily paid me $20, or even sometimes $40 for a single 10 minutes of task. Wonderful thing is, each buyer ordered more than once. Have a look below.
fixing gig case studyI completely worked for him as he asked me for installation, setting up, fixing and other things.
fixigin gig case studyEven now I have closed that gig since I did case studies for many things on my single profile. But I enjoyed a lot while learning, testing and ofcourse earning :)
Offer a document providing information about the problem and fixing details.
Offer a video recording while you fix problem (This worked for me many times).
Offer onpage SEO service if you know it.
Check others.
Since the digital marketing and blogging became familiar to almost everyone, thousands of people joining the field on daily basis and non technical person are in search for designing solution. So, this can be another one you can do.
design wordpress siteWell in my case, I used to get orders for about $20 to $45 on average for a single order in which I designed blogs.
blog designing gig case studyAlso you can try, shifting blogs, migrating servers, designing themes etc.
Provide Paid themes and charge $20 or more.
Offer layout changing service.
See others.

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