Thursday, 5 November 2015

Create "Breaking News" Widget for Blogger

Add breaking news widget in your blogspot-blogger widget & seo

NEWS TIKET: News tiket is popular widget for blogspot blog. its makes your blog most popular 
and atractive. visitor want to visit your post when the see they visit easily. so by add this widget your
 blog page views are increase and your blog become reach your destination.

Add breaking news widget 
adding breaking news widget is very simple. just following blew steps you can do it easily

1. go to your blog layout 
2. click add a widget
3. setect HTML & JAVA SCRIPTS widget
4. now paste here blew code


5.Edit blue color text with your blog url name
6. you can change  speed of scrolling text  increase or decrease  by change yellow color number. such
     as: if you want incerase speed please change it with 200. but decrease speed by 125.
7. you can change your widget name to as your wish by changing green color breaking news as like HOT TOPICS, HEADLINES Etc.

now save your widget and save arrangement  .
well done, you successfully do it

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