Tuesday, 10 November 2015

How to Make Bootable USB/Pendrive | Install Windows 7 and 8 Using USB

Make Bootable USB / Pendrive Using ISO image and Windows Software:

Let have a Look to Windows 8 First because it is Latest one.

Steps and Requirement are as Follow for Making Windows 8 or 8.1 Bootable:
  1. You will Require Windows 8 or 8.1 ISO image file. (Download it from here)
  2. You will Require Windows Bootable Maker Software for Writing ISO image to USB or DVD. (Download it from here) 
  3. Now Select ISO image file you Downloaded of Windows 8.
  4. Now in Select USB option select the Letter of USB drive showing.
  5. Tick the Format Drive Option and Click on Create.
  6. Now leave the Software to work and have a Tea or Coffee as It gonna take a Long time. :p

Steps and Requirement are as Follow for Making Windows 7 Bootable:

  • Download Windows 7 ISO image.
  • Download Windows 7 Boot Maker Software.
  • Now Install the Windows 7 Boot Maker Software. Just like Next,Next,Install and Finish.
  • Now Run the Windows Boot Maker Software.
  • Now Select Where you want to Create a Bootable USB or DVD.
  • Now if you Choose USB then,
  • And If you Choose DVD then,
  • Now you are Done. Your Bootable USB or DVD is now Ready.Huuu..!! 
Download Mirrors: 
  1. Download Windows 8 ISO image
  2. Download Windows 8 USB boot Maker Software
  3. Download Windows 7 ISO image
  4. Download Windows 7 USB boot Maker Software

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