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Couple of days ago, I updated my Facebook status in which I shared a plan about to make money from YouTube more than $10,000 a month. After that, I received many personal messages from my friends and some other guys asking me same question about how they can also make a decent amount of money?
Ever wondered the site you have been using for several days, months or years, allows you to create a successful business online? Yes I am talking about the world’s 3rd largest website “YouTube“. I will cover each and everything you need to know to get started.
How to Make Money from YouTubeIt is a successful website which is a largest resource of videos and the wonderful thing is it allows its publishers (video owners) to monetize their videos and get paid via Google Adsense.
Coming to point exactly what are the possibilities to get started today and start making money without any problem.
a) 1 Google Account for YouTube Channel.
b) 1 Google Adsense Account to receive payments.
c) 1 VPN or any other proxy or supported Browser extension that opens YouTube (this option is for in case you are not included in the supported countries of Monetizing Program) Check out more about supported countries here.
Well, I think its important to discuss here what you should not do before you get started.
Never Upload Anyone else’s video.
Do not Use Movies Trailers as they are copyrighted.
Stay away from re-uploading previous videos you uploaded.
Never participate in any views exchange program or never buy views.
Do not watch your own videos. If you want, just watch it at your own PC 😀
Check here more about what kind of contents you can monetize. OK! Now let’s start
Well, I actually updated my post regarding how I would get such amount. There is no secret or I don’t have any magic here which will help me to earn such amount. However I have a simple and wonderful plan through I can easily earn such figure or more than it.
Here is a plan.
OK! The easiest and simplest way is monetizing videos. YouTube works as a CPM Network which pays a certain amount of money for 1,000 views. This may be from $0.10 to $10 per thousand views. Hardly You can easily get around $1 to $1.50 without any problem and those who don’t earn such amount, they really need to keep in mind about the CPC of the particular keyword they are targeting.
I will assume here that my 1 video is making about $1 every month without doing any effort.
1,000 Videos = $1,000 Right?
10,000 Videos = $10,000 Perfect?
This must be looking weird to you, as you may be thinking that you will create 10,000 videos to get your goals and creating such amount will take months and months or a year or more than it? I understand but what I show you something interesting here.
youtube-incomeOK! So, if you consider the above example, for just 667 views my friend’s video made $1.98 and around $3 to $3.5 it will make for 1,000 views easily.
Also believe me, these are super easy to make. Just a simple slide based animated video is enough which may be around 1 or 2 minute. I use videomaker FX, Explaindio or Camtasia.
I know it is something really hard to achieve this goal but once you are done with it, you are going to earn such amount every month without any effort at all.
So, if you consider High CPC Keywords, you will get more results than it. The more your consider CPC and Number of estimated views in a month for a keyword and create video on that, you are going to get amazing results.
Note: Always go for Keyword that has 1,000+ average monthly views and at least $1 CPC. This is for $1 for 1,000 views. The more you research and chose the good keyword, the more you are going to enjoy higher income.
Another great way to earn such amount of income is by promoting affiliate products. This is a great way to make huge money. There is no limit how much you are going to earn with this method. However roughly a single video can make you about $100 easily if you create such an amazing review of any product you are promoting.
Here you can also setup a plan of having 100+ videos and each making good income for you. So, the more you have the more income you are going to get.
Note: I don’t know when a product is going off from the market or when its owners stops selling that. So, the better option in my point of view for a long term success and easy income is Google Adsense.
However there are some other ways too, like PPD which is Pay Per Download, you can use this method by providing a link in description and if someone downloads, you will get paid, same applies with CPA (Cost per action) and the last one is Teaching and getting paid students via promoting your own product or coaching etc.
I simply do a couple of things for keyword research before I create a video. First of all I go to Google Keyword Planner and find a keyword that has maximum searches and high CPC. No matter what competition of the keyword is.
Here I simply searched a Keyword “how to speed up your computer” and I got result like below.
keyword-how-to-speed-up-computerThe next step I do is to simply check the number of views for the first 5 to 10 videos ranked on first page just to analyze how much potential is here if I work on this keyword. I just check the number of views which they get in a year so I can estimate how much monthly views I can get if I get ranked for this keyword.
keyword-analysis-for-youtubeA good standing of views you can see above, so if I work on it and get at least 1,000 impressions a month, I can easily earn around $2 for it and that’s what I want for as small as it can be.
Now, how you will make YouTube and Google Adsense Account?
Open and click on sign in at the right side and then use your Google (Gmail) account to login. Now click on your image you can see at right side, click on it and click on setting button like the image below.
setting-button-on-youtubeYou will see an overview page where you can see this line “See all my channels or create a new channel”.
create-channel-option-in-youtube-accountNow click on “Create a New Channel”
Now you will a page where you can name your channel and select its category, once you are done writing, click on done and you will get your channel as below.
youtube-channel-screen-shotsThe very next step is to select your country to get started for monetizing. But wait, if your country is not supported then? Don’t worry. Just go to Advance setting over here. and simply select the country where monetizing is allowed.
select-country-in-youtubeThis is now your channel completely setup to start earning. Now the next thing you need to do is to upload videos and enable monetizing for them.
Another topic that I am going to cover is the hot and very important as how will create Google Adsense account and receive income you are making?
Here is a simple video if you want to create or add more channels.

This is simply amazing and easy to create Google Adsense and get accepted in just hours since YouTube is Google’s property and creating account using it is very easy. But you will get an Hosted Adsense account which you can only use with it or any other Google product such as Blogger. But later when you have a top level domain name and a good standing of blog, you can simply apply to convert your hosted account to non-hosted.
Now simply follow below steps.
Simply go to features page from here and click on “Enable” under Monetization.
enable-monetizing-with-youtubeNow click on “Enable My Account” as below.
click-on-enable-my-accountAccept the agreement now by clicking on all “checks from right” and “I accept” button.
accept-agreement-for-enabliing-youtube-monetizingNow after that, you will get another information tab where you can check the process of monetization.
monetization-information-on-youtubeAfter doing this, again visit features page (find link above) and click on “View Monetizaion Settings
view-monetization-setting-on-youtubeNow you will see a page where there are some options. Just click on “How will I be paid?” and click on “associate an AdSense account” from here like below.
associate-an-adsense-account-with-youtubeNow when you have clicked the above link, you will be redirected to Google AdSense page where you can either create a new account or use your existing.
create-adsense-account-for-youtubeYour AdSense will be approved within next couple of hours or may be a day or it may also take a week. If not, make sure you have completely followed above steps.
Note: To create new account, use correct information like your name, address and other things. Never submit wrong information or else you will not be able to receive money.
OK! Now you have a Channel and an AdSense account. The next thing you need to do is to design out a plan which can help you to earn big amount of money.
I hope you must have enjoyed reading the topic how you can make money from YouTube and I am sure you are going to start working from today. If you need any help, don’t forget to ask in comments. If you liked this post, please share across social networks you use.

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