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Secret Ways to Rank FiverrTo Rank Fiverr Gigs is the most key element to get highest income and excellent results when you are working on Fiverr.
Some months ago I had a chance to test some high demanding services like Logo Designing, Business Cards and Whiteboard Animation. Since Designing Work is being done in very large volume at the moment and has become now a quite competitive. But even though I had ranked my gigs and was getting the results as below.
Well, It’s about some months ago as I said and later I stopped working on it since I had done a case study with it. But the procedure and methods I am going to discuss step by step below, will lead you to a successful business on Fiverr and you will be having same results and good amount of income as below.
Rank Fiverr Gigs ResultsThe amount I made in 3 days was amounting to $156 and the case study went really well and beyond my expectations. This shows how much potential there is and how much you really can make if you follow the procedure and steps properly.
logo designing gig case studyAnyhow, lets not waste the time and dig into secret steps you can follow and rank any gig you want.
This is the step where you completely do a mind setup of what actually you are going to offer. Either it has potential, buyers, demands, searches and good scope. You have to choose wisely, no matter for your skills even I am not a professional Graphic Designer but I decided and I did it.
So, choosing what you are going to offer is the most important part. Don’t worry. I have share a list of Top 10 Fiverr Gigs Ideas you can check and decide what you are going to do.
Let’s say, we are going to start Logo Designing Work. So how will we be setting up our offer and other things? Let’s read on.
If you are not sure how to create account, read my complete guide about How to Make Quick Money from Fiverr where I have
Most of people now omit so many things and do many mistakes resulting low amount of order and less chance of being appeared on first 20 spots. What we actually have to do is to keep in our mind before we actually go for setting, there are certain things to follow and we must use them.
For instance:
Use of Image, Video and detailed information of offer, now Dig more into it and see exactly the procedure you have to follow to rank your fiverr gig.
Think before you actually create a new offer or have a little bit more research of the words and other highly ranked gigs Title what actually they have used for the offer you are going to post. As we are working on Creating a Logo Designing Gig, let’s see what buyers are typing when they need a LOGO.
keyword research on FiverrAbove is what Fiverr is showing as suggestion when typing the term “Logo Design” and see below what other people are using.
gigs with the term logo designIf you focus above, the 4 ranked one are having the term we have focused. Now, what we have to do is to use this term in our title as below.
term in title when ranking fiverr gigsIt’s just a perfect having term in title we want to get ranked. Now read on.
This is most important part you need to be very careful. Choose right category so your gig appears most in the right place. Also use a quality image and describe your offer via image as well. Such as having concepts of previously designed work you have done. Just as below.
perfect category and imageImportant Tip:
Now another important thing to consider is using keyword when you are saving your image. I mean rename your image with your keyword.
After title, description is more important element to get the spot we want. Using around 3 times exactly the term we are working to get ranked, is better option.
But wait; only using keyword 3 to 4 times would be a better solution? Of Course NOT. You must have unique and quite detailed information about what you are going to offer.
In my case, I divide this section into parts as below.
  • I have Solution.
Why Chose me?
Why This Gig?
Bonus You Will Get.
Contact me.
I simply write description using above headings as you can see below.
logo design term in ranking fiverr gigsThis is absolutely perfect, having 3 times my targeted phrase and complete descriptive information for buyer.
Now these are really so important to be considered carefully. These are actually helping elements in Fiverr to get the site notified about what you are selling. Basically it creates a combination among all gigs having same tag and your offer will also be seen with them.
Now what I do, I simply copy from top 3 ranked gigs and use their tags as mine. But before I do, I simply copy the main tag and put it on tagline as below.
proper tagsNow what I will do is simply copy tags from other top 3.
tags from list 1tags from list 2tags from list 3You can use 5 tags at once so I will chose the best.
tags I have usedSee, I have used almost the most used by every top 3 offers. This will create a chain among all these three and in this case your offer can be next to them.
Also consider new elements and options provided by Fiverr to consider specifying more services as below.
other element
other element 2
other element 3
other element 4So, also consider this step.
Now the time is to setup extras offer you can do. It’s up to you totally what extras you are going to offer. But you must do it also since a complete offer ranks very well.
Here you can set your own extra price and earn more via single gig. Being Level 2, I can earn about $4,500 just from a single gig.
As said by Fiverr itself, gigs having videos, sell 220% more than any other one.
must have videoNow what you can do is simply make an animated video presenting complete concept of your service. You can make with VideoMakerFX, Explaindio or VideoScribe Sparkol.
I simply use VideoScribe for my videos and I also sale Whiteboard Animated Videos Services using it.
After all these steps, Publish your offer and do some more important elements.
The more you create noise, the more attention you are going to get. Again here the official said, promoted one is 3 times higher to be sold. So, why not taking a time to popularize your offer around social media you use?
Effective one are Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.
promoted offers sell higherWANT SOME SECRET TIPS?
All the above mentioned steps are likely to be followed and you must complete these steps first. Now read on the most effective and important element you need to do right now.
At the moment there are more than million offers on Fiverr and each and everybody wants to earn more and more. How will you stand out of them and be visible to every of your buyer?
Now there are some secrets you must follow to get highest ranking, results and earning.
Simply ask your friends, relatives and community to order your Gig and offer them complete return of amount and in this you will only lose $1 from each order.
Once you follow this, you will not only get 1st level but also more features and more visibility since Higher level profiles work more.
order now 
Note: Never get orders from same person again and again or play this trick wisely. Also remember, you have to complete your orders before the time so you get good rating in the system of Fiverr so it ranks you better.
I am sure, if you follow all above steps carefully, you are surely to be ranked at the top and having the flood of orders like the same I was getting.
But wait, Should I show you what exactly I got just now? Have a look below.
first order on a gigI didn’t hide the buyer name just to show that it was real order and I even did not market nor created any video etc. I mean I even did not follow other elements yet it started giving me potential.
So, what are you waiting for? Just try above steps for any offer and to Rank Fiverr Gigs to get amazing results.
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