Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Trick to get Unlimited Google Plus Followers


Google+ is one of the fastest growing Social Networks and is considered the best network for content marketers. So one should always make the best use of it.Do you want more followers?
Do you want more great content in your stream?
Do you want more activity on your posts?
Well, in this post I have come up with yet another simple trick to gain Free Google+ Real Followers.
But before you get started I want you all to check my previous Google+ trick to get unlimited plus ones to your link.
As Usual I posted an update on my Facebook wall regarding my next post. It’s just to keep my readors updated.
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Trick to get FREE Unlimited Google+ Followers

So, without wasting time lets get started. This trick can get you around 100-1000 followers daily. Note that the followers are 100% real people, no bots and they follow you manually. I’ve shared 2 different methods to get followers. Try them both and do share your experiences in the comments section.

” Follow Others to get Followed “

Followers Trick 1- Steps to Follow

This trick is very easy to apply and takes no more than 5 minutes to get everything done. 

Open up Google+. Make sure there are no restrictions on your profile.
Search for #SharedCircles.  The results will come up with a long list of various Google+ Circles shared publicly. 
Trick to get Unlimited Google+ Followers
Trick to get Unlimited Google+ Followers

Here comes the tricky part. 
All you have to do is just, select any circle with around 200+ members and click on ADD people button. (You can also read the circle description to know more about it).
Trick to get Unlimited Google+ Followers

You can create a new circle or add them to any of your exisiting circles. I recommend making a new circle everytime.

After you create the circle, you will start getting followers. Here’s a snap showing my 1 day Google+ Notifications. 80% of the notifications I get are of followers.

Unlimited Google+ Followers

Trick to get Unlimited Google+ Followers

Additional Tips

    • You can add only 1 circle a day. Adding more may lead to temporary restrictions on your profile
    • Apply this Trick on alternative days.
    • You can also search for keywords like:

Followers Trick 2- Steps to Follow

The main advantage of this trick is that it gives you targetted followers. All you have to do is just some 10-15 minutes research.
Go to CircleCount and click on Specials<< Circles as shown in the picture, you will find 4 different options.
Trick to get Unlimited Google Plus Followers
Here are the links:
Open up any link, a list of some of the best Circles will be displayed. Different stats of the circles like Followers, +1s, Comments, Reshares are also displayed.
Enter your Keyword in the Search Bar and get a list of Circles related to your search. This way you can find circles related to your niche.

Trick to get Unlimited Google Plus Followers
Search for your keyword
You can also view different stats of a Circle by clicking Details button.
Trick to get Unlimited Google Plus Followers
List Of Circles
Trick to get Unlimited Google Plus Followers
All Stats of a Circle

Select any Circle of your niche having huge engagement and add the circle following the steps explained in Trick 1.

So to conclude, Find Active Circles related to your niche and Add them using the steps given above. You will then get followed back by around 50% members of that particular circle.

Advantages of these Tricks

There are a lot of advantages of using this trick, let me list some of them: 
  • Having more Followers will make your profile look more professional
  • You will start getting Shares on your posts
  • It will boost your visibility on Google+
  • It will help you get more plus ones.
  • Get Great content in your Streams.
I hope you all enjoyed this trick of mine. Do share it with your friends and other bloggers. If you are getting confused, do let us know in the comments. We will try to solve your queries.


As with my Last trick of FREE Google+ Votes, this trick can also be used to earn some money. There are many people out there on Fiverr and SEOCLERKS looking for Google+ Followers. So why not target them and earn money. Sell this trick to them and get some money into your accounts.


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