Monday, 30 November 2015

Free Domain : Get a Free .com Domain with Free Web Hosting For 6 Months at Rs.0 | Exclusive (2015-2016)

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How To Avail :

1. Visit this Link - Server 1 or Server 2
 or Server 3
2. Then Enter a website name (Like
3. If it is available then proceed further.
4. Sign up there and register yourself.

5. Now you will proceeded to your Shopping Cart ,agree terms and again Continue.
6. Confirmation page will now come.
7. That is all now you have to wait 12-24 hours they will send you further details at your email.

Warning : This offer is limited to one subscription per customer account, per household and per person

What after 6 months ??

  • When your free subscription is over then you have to pay them :( and there rates are very high as their currency is in Euro.
  • Who wants to pay 30-60% Extra then what to do in such situation.
  • Well i know can help you in this -

    1. Before free period ends transfer your domain to a cheap hosting sites like , , and e.t.c.
    2. By this you have to pay less in discounted rate because for transferring domains sites provide huge discounts to make their customers.
    3. So your problem is solved right.
Please Note :
  • One account or One user can avail this offer for once only.
  • There are almost no limitation in this but for advanced features like SSL Certificate or other you may have to pay for it.
  • 10 GB free Web Space is given for free.
  • 500 Email accounts can be allocated for free.
  • During registration if you face problems like Language of the website is not readable or it is not in english then choose enlish language option from the above panel.
  • All details should be rightly given to them.

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